20+ Types of Mountain bikes: know about Every Cool Category

Mountain bikes are bicycles specifically designed to ease cycling in mountains and off-road. Although they may look like normal bicycles, there are different types of mountain bikes. Mountain Bikes are advanced in that, they have features that enable them to stay strong, durable, and perform better in steep, rough, and mountainous terrains.

Different types of Mountain Bikes are made with adjustable gears, better brakes, tough wheels, and larger tires which make them easy to control and maneuver when cycling uphill or downhill.

Taking from their name “mountain bikes”, these bikes are made to be used when cycling in fire roads, mountain regions, rough terrains, and untarmacked roads. Most people buy Mountain Bikes, when they are living or using them in inroads with long roots, loose sand, rock, and steep features.

Historically, the first Type of mountain bike was invented by Mr. Joe Breeze, a bicycle designer who used the idea of balloon tire bikes used in Mountain bike races. The first Mountain bike was manufactured at the end of 1970, with the Lawwill Pro Cruise 1979 model being the first one out.

 Mass production of assorted Types of Mountain Bikes started in 1981 and has advanced, getting better and changing designs as years go by.


Uses of Mountain Bikes

Apart from recreational purposes, Mountain Bikes serve a long list of purposes. Let us discuss a few of them:-

  • For fun- for most children, owning a bicycle was the in-thing. You get to ride it to school or after school, which makes you famous among your agemates. Not only that, but Mountain Bikes are also an accessory in family bonding, once in a while family members get on their bikes and go for a family bike ride.
  • Delivery vehicles – in the past decade, Mountain and ordinary bikes were used by mailmen and boys in delivering magazines and mails. Thus making their delivery easier and faster.
  • Luggage couriers – years back in train stations, people used bikes in carrying luggage for passengers. When a passenger comes with excess luggage it was at the courier guy’s advantage.
  • Sports- till to date, Mountain Bikes are used as sports accessories by riders. From mountain rides to cross-country racers, Mountain bikes are career developers.
  • Source of income – Manufacturers, sellers, and distributors of Mountain Bikes all are a source of income in the business world. People have built empires, owned large vast of properties, and became millionaires thanks to these two-wheeled vehicles called Mountain bicycles.
  • Baby trainers – Before a baby walks, some parents buy them baby mountain bikes to help them develop stronger leg muscles which will make them walk faster and easier than the other kids.


Types of mountain bikes

mountain bike
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Based on Gender

1. Male Mountain Bikes– Male Mountain bikes tend to look more muscular than the females’ mountain bikes. Most of them have high, narrow seats, high suspension, thinner tires, and high hydraulic brakes.  Examples include: Santa Cruz Hightower, Specialize fuse Comp 6fattie and the Anthem29er Mountain bikes.

Features of Male Mountain Bikes

  • Elevated biker seats
  • Higher gears adjustments
  • Thin tires – more friction
  • Dark colors.
  • Thin seat sizes

Uses of Male Mountain Bikes

  • For Exercises and fitness
  • Racing and sports
  • Fun and family bike rides

2. Female Mountain Bikes – These are the type ofMountain bikes that are favorably made to be feminine than the latter. They are made with flat comfortable, low seats, low suspension, and easier gears. Examples include -Scott  Contessa active 50, Juliana Furtado (27.5D), Specialized fuse Comp 29, Juliana Maverick x01 CC.

Key features of Female Mountain Bikes

  • Wider and more comfortable seats
  • Lower seat heights
  • Lower gears levels
  • Feminine colors

Uses of Female Mountain Bikes

    • Family bonding rides
    • Exercises gadgets
    • Sports events
  • Grocery carriers (ones with carts)

Based on Age

Different types of Mountain bikes are used by persons of different ages. The mountain bikes for children are a lot different than the ones for adults. Also, the mountain bikes used by toddlers aren’t the same as the ones used by teenagers.

1. Mountain Bikes for kids– These are the mountain bikes manufactured to be suitable for children. They are more fun and easy to ride than those for adults. Examples include – Strider Balance Bikes, Trek PreCaliber 12, Cleary Gecko 12, and the Specialized Riprock Coaster 16.

Key features of Mountain bikes for kids

    • Come in small sizes
    • Some have training wheels
    • Have minimal gear adjustment levels
    • Easy pedals to help the kids minimize strain when cycling
  • Some have no gears at all.
  • No suspension
  • Some have no chains nor pedals (push and roll)
  • Colorful and beautiful designs


2. Mountain Bikes for Teens – when children get to their teenage years, they get to be more active, outgoing and some crave for independence. This is the right time for them to own a bike. A Mountain Bike will help your child stay outside occupied, active, and increase their confidence. Examples of Mountain bikes for teens are: –  the Norco Revolver HT 3,  the Trek Procaliber 6, the Norco Range A1 2020, Santa Cruz Tallboy A D Complete, and the Santa Cruz 5010 A R Complete.

Features of Teen Mountain Bikes

  • Medium stand-over heights
  • Wheels of 26in, 27.5in, and 29inches.
  • Medium gear levels, not too high and not too low.
  • Durable and tough to resist tear and wear

Uses of Mountain Bikes for teens

  • Fun riding
  • Sports riding competitions
  • Exercises
  • Gym bikes


3. Mountain Bikes for Adults – these are the mountain bikes used by adult professional bikers, gym bikers, and family adult bikers. They are manufactured to be tough and stronger to maintain the activities done by adults.


Features of Mountain Bikes for Adults

  • High gears and brakes
  • Higher seats and height to suits adults
  • Stronger and tough fitted
  • Wider wheel sizes
  • Stronger frame materials
  • Have suspensions

Uses of Adult Mountain Bikes

  • Professional Bike riding
  • Competitive sports
  • Olympic bike riding
  • Gym biking
  • Orthopedic therapy bikes
  • Exercises and fitness


Mountain Bikes based on Weight

1.Mountain Bikes for Average riders – It is highly recommended that you use a mountain bike that corresponds with your weight. For instance, if you are of medium weight, you are advised to get a lightweight mountain bicycle for easier riding.  On the other hand, if you are overweight, use a bigger bike that is more stable and can hold your weight when riding. Examples of Mountain bikes for Average riders include – New 2018 Diamondback Cobra, Santa Cruz Stigmata Hardtail 700c, and the Santa Cruz Blur 100mm 29er.

Features of Mountain bikes for Average riders

  • Light in weight, most are below 20 pounds in weight 
  • Thinner wheels
  • Made from light materials
  • Easy to find in the market.
  • Affordable 

Uses of Mountain bikes for Average riders

  • Sporting activities
  • Exercises
  • Fun riding


2. Mountain Bikes for Heavy Riders – these are the mountain bikes used by riders who are over-weight or have above the average weight. They are made to be stronger to sustain the rider’s weight. Examples of heavyweight  Mountain bikes include:-  Scott Spark RC 900 SL, Canyon Exceed CF SL 6.0 Pro Race, Scott Spark RC 900 Team Bike, Trek Top Fuel 9.7, Trek X – Caliber 9.

Features of Mountain Bikes for Heavy riders

  • Made from strong materials
  • Heavy mostly 30pounds in weight
  • Wider wheels
  • More stable
  • Tight breaks and high gears

Mountain Bikes based on Purpose

1. Cross Country Bikes–this is the Mountain Bike to go for when you are a fast, average weight rider and looking for a perfect climbing bike. You can go for it if you are an upcoming racer or looking for fast ride trails using a Mountain bike.

Feature of a Cross-Country Bikes

  • Extremely light
  • Prone to accidents
  • Don’t come with full-body armor
  • Suspension travel of 80-100mm
  • Head tube angle of 70 degrees

Uses of Cross-Country Bikes

  • Fun riding
  • Exercising
  • Racing and competitive sports

2. All Mountain/Enduro Bikes– these are mountain bikes that are designed to manage movement in the worst mountainous, rugged, steep, rocky, and dirt-full roads. They are like humans once energized with the intake of steroids. They can sustain any form of road beat down and come out with minimal damages.

Features of all-mountain bikes

  • High suspension travel of 140- 170mm
  • 68 degrees angle of the head-tube
  • Light
  • High technical fits
  • Strong chains and body
  • Tough narrow wheels

Uses for All-Mountain Bikes

  • Mountain biking
  • Sports activities
  • exercises


3. Downhill Mountain Bikes– also called park bikes, Downhill Mountain Bikes are made for recreational functions or family biking trips. They have a head-tube angle almost the same as the all-mountain bikes and are ridden with full gear on to help curb injuries that may occur during biking accidents.

Features of Downhill Mountain Bikes

  • Big in size
  • Tough fittings
  • Ridden with full protection gear
  • Can be used in Rocky gardens and jumps
  • Have suspension travel of 63-65 degrees

Uses of Downhill Mountain Bikes

  • Sporting activities
  • Family competitions
  • Fun bike riding
  • Exercises and gym purposes


4. Freeride Mountain Bikes–from their name, Freeride Mountain bikes are made to withstand harsh riding conditions. From gravel parks, none-tarmacked roads, aggressive trails, sleep small hill and mountains among other terrains.

Features of Freeride Mountain bikes

  • Suspension travel of 5-7inches
  • Full suspension
  • Large diameters of disc brakes
  • Large/wide tires
  • Single crown forks
  • Weigh between 30 to 38 pounds when wholly assembled.
  • Sharp brakes

Uses of Freeride Mountain Bikes

  • Mountainous biking competitions
  • Fun mountainous bike rides
  • Family hikes
  • Exercising


5. Dirt Jump BikesDirt Mountain Bikes are manufactured to be conquerors in areas full of dirt and sand. They are the perfect mountain bikes for riding on beaches or arid and semi-arid areas. They are light and can move through just about anything.

Features of DirtJump Mountain bikes

  • Light  in weight
  • Durable
  • Strong and tough 
  • Thin wheels
  • Average suspensions

Uses of DirtJump Mountain Bikes

  • Fun bike riding
  • Simple cardio-related exercising 
  • Family bond riding
  • Small biking competitions


Based on Suspension

1. Hardtail – Hardtail mountain bikes are the ultimate Mountain bikes for cross-country racers. This is because they are lighter in weight and move faster than the other mountain bikes. They have minimal suspension and can adapt to just about any climate.

Features of Hardtail suspension mountain bikes

  • Stiff but manageable frames
  • High tech designs
  • Short forks
  • Low suspension
  • High shock absorbers
  • Affordable
  • High speeds


Uses of Hardtail Mountain bikes

  • Personal and team exercises
  • Gym biking
  • Sport racing
  • Fun biking


2. Rigid Mountain Bikes– these are mountain bikes that are used mostly for fun cycling or cross-country riding competitions or personal sports.  They have large wheels for more stability and are perfect for learners. Rigid  Mountain Bikes are made with zero suspension and forks in the front wheel, but rather a rigid framework just like their name suggests.

.Features of Rigid Mountain Bikes

  • Large tires
  • Straight aligned handlebars
  • No rear/front suspension
  • Rigid frames
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Uses of rigid mountain bikes

  • Family joy biking
  • Mountain bike hiking
  • Sports activities
  • Personal exercises


3. Full suspension– Suspension in mountain bikes are put to help a rider gain more control over their bicycle when riding. This will keep them comfortable and confident while biking in the worst possible terrains and prevent any accidents that they may face. Full Suspension was developed to give you just that.

Features of Full Suspension Bikes

  • More comfortable
  • Highly stable
  • Safer
  • Manageable gears
  • Firm brakes
  • Wide wheels

Uses of Full Suspension mountain bikes

  • Family biking rides
  • Personal and group exercising
  • Biking competitions
  • Fun biking


Based on Wheel sizes

1. 26’’ wheel Mountain Bikes–although most people don’t know this, the size of your mountain bike’s wheels determines its resistance while in a cycling motion. Wider wheels give better rides in places with rugged, rough terrains with obstacles, unlike thin wheels.


Features of 26’’ wheel size Mountain Bikes

  • Light in weight
  • Active and better acceleration
  • Fast-moving
  • Sharp in navigation
  • Not easy for sharp steep terrains

Uses of 26’’ wheel size mountain bikes

  • Fun biking
  • Family bonding riding
  • Fitness riding
  • Competitive bike riding


2. 29’’ wheel size bikes–in the world of mountain Bikes, big wheels mean easier rides, thus having a 29-inch wheel is better than the 26-inch wheel. Its strength, controls, and riding stability are improved than the latter make.

Features of 29’’ wheel size Mountain Bikes

  • Increased biking speed
  • Faster and improved than 26’’ wheel sized bikes
  • Hard to navigate
  • Abit rigid than 26’’ wheel sized bikes

Uses of 29’’ wheel sized Mountain bikes

  • Family bike riding
  • Mountain bike hiking
  • Friendly biking competitions
  • Racing in sporting events


3. 27.5’’ wheel size mountain bikes–coming in the market in the year 2007, the 27.5-inch wheel Mountain bike came to resolve any misfits seen in the 26inch and the 29-inch wheel sizes. They give smooth rides and better cycling experiences than its former competitors.


Features of the 27.5-inch wheels Mountain Bikes

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to maneuver around
  • Bigger wheels, easy to ride
  • Can be used for cross country and also uphill climbs
  • Faster
  • More stable


Uses of 27.5 inches wheel mountain bikes

  • Personal and group exercise sessions
  • Mountain biking
  • Gym biking
  • Family biking moments


Based On Expertise

1. Beginner mountain bikes– riding a bicycle more so a mountain bike is a fun-filled experience and we all wanted to have one when we were kids. And we still want them as adults for exercise purposes and fun at the same time. On day one, you will require a beginner mountain bike that will help you learn how to ride a mountain bike. A few beginner mountain bikes include – Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail, Raleigh Talus 2, Schwinn Bonafide, and the Mongoose Impasse Mountain bikes.

Features of Beginner Mountain bikes

  • Have suspension fork
  • Tight mechanical brakes
  • More comfortable
  • Better controls
  • Improved balance
  • Perfect stability

Uses of Beginner Mountain Bikes

  • Fun family riding
  • Mountain hiking
  • Personal exercises
  • Fitness for the old (therapeutic)

2. Pro Mountain Bikes – these are the Mountain Bikes to go for when you are a perfect rider or even an athletic rider who goes for professional competitions. You can use them when you are passed your amateur stage of biking, your intermediary stage, and are now a prominent bike rider. Examples of ProMountain bikes are:-  Cube Reaction Pro 2020, Trek Marlin 5 2020, Trek Marlin 6, Pinnacle Kapur I 2020, Norco Fluid FS 3, and the Trek X- caliber 7 Mountain bikes.

Features of Pro mountain Bikes

  • Wheels depend on the rider
  • Most have suspensions
  • Perfect gears and brakes
  • Strong wheel fitting and chains
  • Come with protective gear.
  • Expensive


Uses of Mountain bikes for Pros

  • Professional biking competitions
  • Professional bike training
  • Personal and group exercises
  • Mountain bike racing

Based On Technology

1. Electric – these are mountain bikes that are powered by electricity. They accelerate your riding mileage, speed, and make you cover a longer distance while riding. They are perfect for fun biking and therapeutic biking exercises. Examples of electric Mountain Bikes include:- the Rail 9.7, the Powerfly FS 5, the Powerfly 5, the Rail 9.8 XT, and the Powerfly LT 9.7 mountain bikes.


Features of electric mountain bikes

  • Fast
  • Easy to ride
  • Less fatigue when riding
  • Expensive
  • Hard to maintain
  • More prone to technical problems

Uses of electric mountain bikes

  • Therapy biking
  • Gym training
  • Personal exercising
  • Family bike riding sessions


2. Non-Electric Mountain Bikes – these are the mountain bikes that use human power to move and ride. Riders pedal them manually and enjoy the rides. They are the original versions of mountain bikes in the world. They include – BMX mountain bikes, Black Mamba bike, Santa Cruz among others that are ridden manually.


Features of non-electric Mountain bikes

  • Ridden manually
  • More fatigue for riders
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Light in weight

Uses of Non-electric Mountain Bikes

  • Personal  and group bike fun riding
  • Exercising
  • Bike racing
  • Gym biking
  • Mountain hiking


FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

  1. What are the different types of mountain bikes Mountain Bikes come in five different types? The cross-country, freeride, dirt jump, All-mountain, and downhill Mountain bikes.

Mountain Bikes differ with their suspension, rigidness, purpose/ intended use, and weight.

Cross country mountain bikes are very light are the go for when you need a speed mountain bike. They have zero suspension making them easy to turn and twist with your riding sports. This does not apply to all of them, but Cross country mountain bikes are cheaper and affordable.

Dirt jump mountain bikes are the best bikes to go for if you need a bike for beach or dirt road riding. They are designed with dirt beaters and small wheels that help you go about the layer of sand and dirt without breaking a sweat.

All-mountain mountain bikes come in handy when mountainous and steep terrains are your favorite bike riding places. They maneuver easily in the mountains and keep you stable and in control while doing it. Giving you the perfect mountain bike experience you can ever ask for.

LastlyDownhill Mountain bikes are the new in-thing when it comes to mountain race bikes. If down a mountain racing is your fantasy, go and it as quickly as you can. They are stable, comfortable, and come in full gear for your safety.


             2. what type of mountain bike is right for me

When it comes to choosing the right bike for you, there are a lot of things to consider. What do you want the mountain bike for? What’s your weight? How old you are or the age of the person you are getting the bike for? Cost may be a concern but not always. 

All these reasons are stated because mountain bikes are designed to serve different purposes. A racing Mountain Bike is definitely different from a fun ride mountain bike, so on and so forth.

To simplify all this: – here are a few tips on what to go for when you need to get yourself a mountain bike.

Choosing by the suspension of the Mountain Bike

Hardtail Mountain Bike– they contain shocks in the front. This will help you reduce your level of strain when riding, stay in control at all times with the handlebars, and maneuver rough terrains. It’s the bike to go for also when you have a limited budget.

Full suspension Mountain Bike – they offer better controls than the hardtail mountain bikes, they are easy to ride and you get less fatigued from riding them. They have higher control over rough terrains and allow comfortable speeds.

Rigid Mountain Bikes–these are mountain bikes that have zero suspension on them. They are old school bikes, very light and perfectly easy to pedal. 

Choosing a mountain bike by the wheel size.

26’’- mountain bikes with 26’’ wheel size are the most common in the market. They are faster downhill and more fans of the other wheel sizes.

29’’- 29’’ wheel sized mountain bikes are easier to maneuver than the 26’’ wheel size. They go faster when riding uphill, have perfect acceleration, and have better momentum. They can surpass small obstacles easily and keep you stable.

27.5’’ – still new in the market, 27.5inch Wheel Mountain bikes are the perfect creation that came about from improvements of the shortcomings of 26’’ and the 29’’ wheel sized mountain bikes. So far, people prefer them to their counterparts.

Choosing a mountain bike by purpose

Mountain bikes have almost the same features, just a few improvements here and there. For instance, the seat height, the handlebars, the suspension, the wheel width, and the gear. As a lady, you should probably go for a bike that has a comfortable low seat and that is easy to handle and pedal. This will help reduce your levels of fatigue after each ride. Also, go for bikes that have less suspension.

Male Mountain bikes are mostly rigid, high suspensions, and tough handlebars for men are believed to be muscular, strong, and have a craving for rough riding.

In case you are want to buy a mountain bike for your kid, go for bikes with pedal pads, ensure they have safety equipment and are kid favorable.

All that said, I believe you now can make wiser decisions when it comes to owning a mountain bike, whether it’s your or your child’s.

We have talked and elaborated on everything needed in a Mountain bike, and now that you are well informed, it’s high time to get to know the pros and cons that come with mountain bikes.

Pros of Mountain Bikes

  • Family bonding- mountain biking has given families a chance to bond. It’s that time when every member gets on their bike and you all go on a bike hike or a family bike racing completion.
  • Wellness and fitness factor- Mountain bikes have given us the chance to exercise and have fun all the same fun. It is a stated fact that when biking you exercise all parts of your body, thus getting rid of all the excessive, unwanted fats in your muscle joints and tummy.
  • Business factor- entrepreneurs have started bike shops and are earning their living from the sale of mountain bikes.
  • Source of employment – companies that manufacture Mountain Bikes need human labor for assembling, painting, packaging, and deliveries. This has enabled them to employ thousands of employees thus Mountain bikes are a source of employment.
  • Gym appliances- in our world currently, mountain bikes are included among the appliances found in the gym. They help in cardio and leg toning exercises.
  • Career opportunity – we all know individuals who are professional bikers thanks to the invention of Mountain bikes. They have gotten world records and led porch lifestyles all through biking.
  • Muscle builder – biking enables you to make your muscles stronger and more flexible with each pedal. They keep you energetic and active throughout your riding experience.
  • Metabolism – biking enhances your body’s blood flow, increasing your body metabolism keeping you healthy and fit. All this thanks to Mountain bikes, you can lead a life free of blood pressure, heart diseases, and blood sugar irregularities.
  • Stress reliever – Sparing time from your tight schedule for a ride on a mountain bike has been proven to be stress-relieving. This is because you get to enjoy the free, fresh air, change your environment, and experience nature.


Cons of Mountain Bikes

  • The pressure to win –when racing with mountain bikes, it is very normal to feel pressured to be the best and the winner all the time. This will push you to hard ends trying to better yourself.
  • Negativity- as competitiveness becomes a factor in your day-to-day life, you tend to create a negative feeling towards your competitor which is not a healthy feeling. Once this happens, you tend to wave yourself from the main point of owning a Mountain bike in the first place which is for fun.
  • Expensive –good, comfortable mountain bikes, cost about a thousand dollars which is expensive for most people.
  • Time limitations –in our current world where all we do is work and more work, it’s had to find time for fun. Biking is an exercise that requires quality time and minimal disturbance for it to be successful. Thus our limited time has become a factor for most Mountain Bike owners and biking lovers.


Conclusively, getting your favorite type of mountain bike is an added advantage in your life. Owning and using a certain type of mountain Bike will ensure you lead a healthy life, free of lifestyle diseases. This is because you will be having cardio- work out every time, you take your bike for a ride. All you have to do is create time for it.

They say all work without play has never done anyone good. So, owning a suitable type of Mountain Bike is a medical form of advice. Take it and you will live to enjoy its fruit.

Different Mountain Bikes have changed people’s lives in a lot of ways. Are you that person who is good at sport but worse in books? That person who is more bodywork than brain work? Yes! Go get yourself your favorable Type of Mountain Bike and you can just open yourself a career opportunity that no one expected. You will live to enjoy your career as well as earn a living all at the same time.

Since we have stated all the facts you need to know about Different Types of Mountain Bikes, what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself one and introduce you to the new you!

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