21 Trampoline Games – How to play

What do trampoline games entail?

A trampoline is nothing new to most of us, for we have used it at one point in our lives. Anyway, a trampoline is an item with stands and an elevated mat, which allows individuals to bounce on and off its surface.

Defining a game

A game is an activity done alone, in pairs, in trios, or in groups for fun or competitive reasons. Trampoline Games, are the different gaming activities that can be done on a trampoline.

Let us first look at the healthy living benefits gained from Trampolines:

  • Brain and body fitness– Trampolines provide perfect cardio exercises both mentally and physically.
  • Improves blood circulation – through exercises, blood circulation is improved to a smooth flow.
  • Metabolism – Trampolining stimulates body metabolism, creating a better version of yourself.
  • Oxygen Supply – Exercising increases the supply of oxygen in our body and body tissues. 
  • Muscle firming – Trampolining improves weight loss, toning, and firming of muscles.

Single Player Games

Single Player Games are games that are played solo. This means the player plays by themselves without a partner. Let us discuss a few Trampoline Games played by oneself:

1. Picasso unleashed–this is a solo played Trampoline game that was derived from art. As we all know, Picasso was an artist. 

How it is played:-

  • The player used side chalks to make drawings on the trampoline and then jumps on it till the drawing fades away.

Kits Needed: Kits in playing the Picasso Unleashed game are a box of drawing chalks, a trampoline and a player. To increase the fun, you can have a cheering team.

The best trampoline sizes for playing the Picasso Unleashed: are the small/mini sizes (4ft, 6ft sizes) and the Medium sizes (8ft and 12ft).

2. Just add water – Among the best trampoline games is the Just add water game. This is because it is played on water and is the perfect summer game.

How it is played:-

  • First, put a water pipe or a sprinkler below the trampoline mat or align it on the sides of the trampoline.
  • Ensure all the player(s)( i.e. it can be played along with the team too ) are on their swim clothes and have applied sunscreen.
  • Then start jumping and bouncing on the trampoline with water.

The Just add water game, is the perfect game for hot seasons and has the ultimate cooling effect on your body. It is a combination of fun and cooling all at once.

The kits needed for playing the Just add water game: a piped water source, sunscreen, swimsuits, and a trampoline.

The perfect trampoline size for playing just add water:

The medium and the large-sized trampolines. These include (8ft,12ft, 14ft,16ft, 17ft, and 20ft). The best shapes of trampolines are round and rectangular ones for they have a streamlined shape that minimizes the intensity of injuries in case of accidents.

3. Chinese Jump ropeis a trampoline game of 1, which entails movements between ropes while inside the trampoline.

How it is played:

  • Tie two or more ropes slightly above the trampoline mat, across the trampoline.
  • Ensure you use elastic ropes.
  • Tighten the ends of ropes to ensure safety against tumbling.
  • The player then jumps, in and out of the ropes in a systematic rhythm while singing a chosen song.

The kits needed for Chinese Jump rope: Elastic ropes, a trampoline with a tight mat, players, and the best trampolines for Chinese Jump rope:  The large rectangular trampoline (14ft, 17ft, and 20ft).

4. Practice throwing – is amongst the one person trampoline games. It is simple, fun, and has fewer chances of a player hurting themselves.


How it is played:

  • It is played by throwing a ball against the walls of the trampoline and allowing it to come back to you. 
  • Players are advised to use light balls, which are less harmful. The best part about this game is the surety that the ball will come to you, as you are using the trampoline’s fencing as your net in the game.

 Kits needed in playing the Practice throwing:  A ball, a nice trampoline mat, and a trampoline fence.

The best trampolines for playing the practice throwing game:  The round small 4*8ft size, 6 *8ft, the square 6 * 6ft, 8ft * 8ft.

5. Secondhand Scarves – it is always fun playing with ribbons and scarves. The Secondhand scarves trampoline games for one is a perfect kid’s game.


How it is played:

  • It is played by running across or around the trampoline while holding a ribbon made kite. 
  • The chosen player has to ensure that they keep the ribbons midair at all times, to add to the fun in the game.

Kits needed in playing Secondhand Scarves: – a kite, ribbons, and the right trampoline size.

The best trampolines for playing the Secondhand Scarves:

This Trampoline game is safely played on large-sized trampolines.

 Examples of the sizes favorable are Medium square, round, rectangular trampolines (8ft, 10ft, and 12ft), Large sized rectangular, circular, and squared trampolines (12ft, 14ft, 17ft, and 20ft).

Games played by two persons

Trampoline games vary in the modes of play, a number of players, and when to play them. One of the trampoline games secluded by the number of players is the Trampoline games for two persons. These games are of different types. Let’s discuss a few of them:-

1. Bum wars – for a game to be fun, it has to be competitive. One of the Trampoline games for two persons is the Bum wars game.

How to play it:

  • First, you need two players with varying weights. E.g. one is heavier than the other.
  • The game revolves around a competitor’s ability to be the last person on the trampoline.
  • As a competitor, you have to bounce on your feet or sit on the trampoline once at a go. If the bouncing effects happen twice on you, then you are off the game.
  • Your ability to sustain the one time bounce and sitting will determine your chances of winning.

The best trampoline sizes for playing Bum Wars: 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, and 14ft trampoline sizes.

2. Horse – Horse trampoline games is a trampoline game played by two or more individuals. 

How it is played:


  • It comprises of one player creating a trick and the other tries copying it. If they fail to duplicate, they pick a letter and make a word made from it and imitate the animal. 

The kits needed for playing Horse:  Two or more players, a referee, and a flip coin to determine who kicks the game off.

The best trampoline sizes for playing Horse: Mostly, the Horse trampoline game is played on medium (8ft/12ft) sized trampolines and in case of a higher number of participants Large-sized trampoline of (10ft, 12ft, 14ft, and 20ft).


3. Basketball Dunks – Derived from the name itself, Basketball Dunks is a trampoline game played by imitating dunking done on a basketball game. It is the best outdoor protected game for kids. It provides the fun of dunking balls and keeps the children locked inside the trampoline.

Kits needed for playing basketball dunks:  A simple basketball hoop and an enclosed trampoline.

The best trampolines for playing basketball dunks:  Have to be spacious and strong because of the impact imposed on them. Examples are 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft large trampoline sizes.


4. Dance battle Dance battle is a trampoline game that is as simple as its name.


How to play Dance battle:


  • All the participants have to do, is compete for dancing to the music.
  • The best dancer emerges the winner of the battle.

The kits needed for a trampoline dance battle:  Dancing costumes, music and competitor(s).

The best trampolines for a dance battle:   The round /rectangular 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 17ft and 20ft sized trampolines.


5. Turtle and Hare –Among trampoline games, turtle and hare have to be the funniest, most enjoyable game of them all.

How it is played:


  • It is played by one participant acting like a turtle and the other like a hare.
  •  The turtle participant has to cuddle up in form of a turtle and tumbles all around the trampoline. 
  • The other participant will be jumping on the trampoline, imitating a hare and if the turtle knocks them, they are off the game.

Kits needed for playing Turtle and Hare: A trampoline with a tight surface and participants.

The best trampolines for playing Turtle and Hare:   The large-sized ones (17ft and 20ft). The smallest maybe 8ft, medium 10ft, 12ft, and 14ft. The best trampoline shapes are the round and the rectangular trampolines.

Trampoline games played along with a team –

Everything is more fun when done in a group or a team. That’s why trampoline games played in the team have the most reviews and followers. Let us check a few of them:-

1. Musical Bounce this is a trampoline game that its activity is based on the beat of a song. It is played following the musical rhythmic beats and alterations. 

How it is played:

  • The players are placed at separate positions inside the trampoline away from each other.
  • The music is then played from a pre-selected playlist and stopped every 20 seconds consecutively.
  • As the music plays each player jogs around the trampoline in a uniform manner.
  • When the 20 seconds are over, the leader calls out “bounce “
  • The music stops and the player who will be left bouncing to the beat is out of the game.
  • The time reduces gradually and the winner will be the last player left on the trampoline.

Kits Needed: In order to play the musical bounce, you will need a source of music, two or more contestants, a referee, a deejay, and a timekeeper.

The best Trampoline Sizes for playing the musical bounce:

4ft, 8ft for solo players, 12ft,14ft for duos and trios, and 16ft,17ft,20ft for 4 to 5 players.

2. Piggy in the middle– According to the game, piggy is the player who is centered in the game and stays at the Centre of the trampoline.

How to play Piggy in the middle:


  • The game is played by three participants at a go. The piggy (middle) and two others who are directly opposite each other.
  •  The idea of the game is for the two to exchange a ball and make sure the piggy doesn’t catch it.
  • If by luck, the piggy gets the ball, the player who threw it loses the game and resumes the piggy position.

The best trampoline sizes for playing Piggy in the middle – 

this game is the rectangular large-sized trampoline 17ft,20ft, and 23ft.

3. Trampoline Whispers is a traditional trampoline game played by passing secrets from one player to the other.

How to play Trampoline whispers:

  • A player is chosen to go on the trampoline and act a trick then leave the trampoline.
  • The next player imitates the first players trick but adds a trick of their own, this will continue until a perfect mimic player is found. 
  • If you miss a trick, you are off the game.

The best trampolines for playing Trampoline whispers:  

The small and medium Round/rectangular trampolines, with sizes of 4ft, 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft.

4. Birds in the nest – This is a trampoline game played by multiple players using the hide and seek technique.

How to play it:


  • A unique player is assigned to be the “bird in the nest” then the remaining will be random runners in the game.
  •  The runners will be given distinctive colored balls. 
  • The balls will then be hidden by the Bird in the absence of the runners and they will have to come to find them when the bird shouts “Go!”
  • After finding your ball, you will take it to the nest, which in this case is the trampoline and the bird will collect it.
  • The game ends when the bird calls the runners back to the nest. The runner with the highest number of their colored ball wins and becomes the bird.

Kits needed for playing  Birds in the nest:  Different colored balls, a trampoline, and participants.

The best trampolines for playing Birds in the nest game:  

The Birds in the nest game can be played with any size of a trampoline for the purpose of the trampoline is simply to serve as the nest. Ranging from 4ft, 8ft, 12ft, 14ft, and 17ft trampolines of all shapes.

5. Poison Ball – This is a funny trampoline game.


How it is played:

  • The player has to assume that the ball thrown at them is poisonous. 
  • The player who is inside the trampoline has to avoid all the balls thrown at them by the other players.
  •  If they get hit, they lose. The person who wins is the player who stays the longest without getting hit by the balls.

Kits needed for playing Poison Ball: Multiple balls and players.


The best trampolines for playing Poison Ball:

The game is best played on small-sized round and square trampolines 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and 12ft sizes.


6. Castle attack almost similar to Poison ball.

How to play it:

  • Castle attack is played by two teams, one made of a king and the other of attackers.
  •  The attackers throw balls and water balloons at the kind as he tries to dodge them.
  •  If the king is hit three times, he loses to the attacker who hit him first. And that attacker assumes the king’s position.

Kits needed for playing Castle attack:  Lot of balls and water balloons, then participants.

The best trampolines for playing Castle attack: 

The game is best played on small-sized round and square trampolines 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and 12ft sizes.


7. Trampoline twister – the trampoline twister is simple and fun. 

How to play:

  • The trampoline mat is drawn, then two players get inside the trampoline.
  • A third player will be outside and they will be telling the two when and how to hold the drawings on the mat.
  • The participant who makes the right moves and holds up for long wins.

Kits needed for playing Trampoline twister: Drawing chalks and players.

The best trampolines for playing Trampoline twister

The game is played on large trampolines round and rectangular shaped. Sizes ranging from 14ft, 17ft, 10ft, and 23 ft.


8. Mimic me – This Trampoline game is played by players mimicking each other.

How to play Mimic Me:

  • A player has to mimic the other while moving from one drawing/icon to the other. 
  • It works on the basis of memory sharpness.
  •  Whoever mimics all the moves correctly wins.

The best trampolines for playing Mimic Me: 

The game is best played on small-sized round, rectangular and square trampolines. Mostly, 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and 12ft sizes.


9. Target Practice– This trampoline game is played based on target accuracy landing. 


How to play it:

  • Played by two players, one in the trampoline and the other calling out places for the contestant to land in.
  • The procedure is for the player to jump three times, on the third round they will be directed on where to land.
  • If they make it to land in the correct place, they win, if not they lose.


The best trampolines for playing Target Practice:

It s fun when played on Larger Trampoline mats, 12ft, 14ft, 17ft, and 20ft being the most preferred.


10. Crack the Egg–simple as the name itself, Crack the Egg.

How to play Crack the Egg:


  • It is played by making the player who is curled like an egg to crack by letting go of their hold. 
  • The player who stays intact the longest wins the game.

Kits needed for the games are the participants only.

The best trampolines for playing Crack the Egg:

The game is played on medium-sized round and square trampolines 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and 12ft sizes.


11. Crazy Counting – among all trampoline games, Crazy Counting is the easiest and can be played by the youngest players. This is because it has no skill needed to play/win.

How to play it:

  • A particular player is centered in the trampoline and blindfolded, and then surrounded by the other players. 
  • They count to ten, then the centered player points in any direction, if he points you, you are out of the game. 
  • The last participant standing is the winner.

There are no kits needed on the game except for a blindfold and players. 

The best trampolines for playing Crazy Counting:

The game is best played on small-sized round and square trampolines 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and 12ft sizes for only one person stays in the trampoline.

12. Ring around the rosy – simple and fun.

How to play it:

  • The ring around the rosy is played by players forming a circle on the trampoline. 
  • Chanting a song and decide how to fall, whether upwards, downwards, or sideways.

The best trampolines for playing Ring around the rosy:

This game is best played on Medium and large trampoline sizes. Sizes from 8ft, 12ft, 14ft, and 17ft are the most preferable.

13. One, Two, Three, Sit – This is a trampoline game played mostly by children. It has no competitive effect. 

How to play 1, 2, 3 sit:


  • All you do is count then sit at all at once increasing the bouncing effect on the trampoline mat. 
  • The result is you feeling nice mid-air.

Kits needed are a trampoline and participants.

The best trampolines for playing One, Two, Three, Sit:

This particular game is applicable to all types and sizes of trampolines. The best is an enclosed medium-sized 12ft trampoline.

14. Don’t wake the baby – is easy as its name.

How to play it:


  • One player has to act like a sleeping baby on the trampoline.
  •  The rest of the players have to come quietly and tag the baby when the baby guesses who tagged them right.
  •  The tagger wins and becomes the baby.

The best trampolines for playing Don’t wake the baby:  

The game is best played on small-sized round and square trampolines of 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft.

15. Trampoline Dodgeball–Dodgeball is played by 5 to 6 layers. 

How to play the game:

  • Two on the trampoline and the rest on the ground.
  •  They grounded ones will hit the latter with balls.
  • When hit, you get off the trampoline and your hitter takes your place.

The best trampolines for playing Trampoline Dodgeball: The best trampoline is the medium-sized trampoline, 8ft or 12ft in size.

Trampoline games to be played with parents

1. Bouncing Air Catch – is a Trampoline game that allows parents to play with their kids. 

How to Play it:

  • The parent stays outside the trampoline and throws a ball.
  • The child has to catch it mid-air inside the trampoline.
  •  The more balls you catch, you win.


Kits Needed: balls and participants only.

The best trampolines for playing Bouncing Air Catch:

The game is played on strong small/medium-sized trampolines (8ft, 12ft, and 14ft), for them to sustain an adult weight. 


2. Bubble Arena –is a perfect toddler-parent game played with kids between 2 and 5 years of age.

How to Play it:

  • The game is simple, a parent sits on one side of the trampoline and the child on the other. 
  • The parent then blows up bubbles allowing the kid to pop them out, as much as they can.

Kits for the game, are a bubble machine and a trampoline.

The best trampolines for playing Bouncing Air Catch:

The game is played on small-sized round and square trampolines 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and 12ft sizes.

Trampoline Games for Adults:

These are the trampoline games that are played with adults. Let us discuss a few examples:


1. Rock, paper, scissors – This is a trampoline game played by the player using their body as the rock, paper, or scissor.

How to play it:


  • Players have to assume their roles.
  • When you are the paper, you lie down flat on your tummy, rock is standing on hands and knees, whereas scissors are pretending to be a seat.
  • The paper is cut by the scissor.
  • The rock is covered by the paper and the scissor cuts the paper.

The best trampolines for playing Rock, paper, scissors 

The best trampolines for playing are the large-sized 14ft, 17ft, and 20ft trampolines.


2. Bushell bounce – this is a sight coordination game trampoline game.

How it is played:

  • A bucket is placed outside the trampoline.
  • The players will have to try and bounce balls getting them into the bucket.

Kits Needed: Balls and a bucket.

The best trampolines for playing Bushell bounce: The best trampoline is the medium-sized one (8ft, 12ft).


3. Slithering snake – it is a fun, cardio exercise trampoline game.


How to play it:

  • Where the player jumps over a rope that is moved constantly by another player. 
  • Failure to jump it, you lose.

Kits Needed for playing the Slithering snake: Ropes and a wide trampoline.

The best trampoline for playing Slithering snake:

The game is the large-sized rectangular of (17ft, 20ft, and 23ft).


4. Jump into a good book – we can all agree that getting an individual to read while at home can be a challenge.

How to play it:


  • Jump into a good book trampoline game was designed to allow an individual to create a comfortable reading space on a trampoline. Thus making reading fun.

The kits needed for playing  Jump into a good book: Books and a trampoline.

The best size trampoline for playing Jump into a good book:

Small and medium trampolines of 4ft,8ft, and 12ft sizes.


5. Standing still – This is a motionless trampoline game


How it is played:

  • The player is to stand still in the middle of the trampoline for a certain period of time and not loose balance. 
  • The longer you stay the higher your chances of winning.

The best size trampoline for playing Standing still:  Small and medium trampolines of 4ft, 8ft, and 12ft sizes.



When all is said and done, we can conclude that trampoline games are not only fun but also educative as well as helpful health-wise. These games have helped in developing mental and physical coordination among children and adults. In children, trampoline games are a break from the hectic schooling activities, whereas in adults it is a form of fitness and wellness.

Trampoline games have proved to be strong bonds uniting families by strengthening the relationship between parents and their children. 

Most of all, trampoline games have helped in improving children’s gradual growth, through coordination, identification, observation, and alertness. 


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