Trampolines sizes: All You Need To Know

Defining a trampoline?

A trampoline, mostly used for recreational purposes is a device, made from strong fabrics that are spread between steel frames using coiled springs tightened on them.  Although most Trampolines are made with springs, there are some which are spring free, these are the ones made using glass-reinforced plastic rods.

Trampolines sizes differ with their uses, most are used for competitive purposes and others for recreational purposes. The part of the Trampoline that people bounce on is called the Bouncing mat, contrary to what most people think, the Bouncing mat is not elastic but is made elastic by the springs that connect it to the frame, which store potential energy.

Different sizes of trampolines

Trampolines come in different shapes and sizes, depending on its use at that particular time. There are classified differently based on their sizes, shapes, and functionality. Let us discuss them independently.

Size Classification of Trampoline

Trampolines sizes are categorized depending on the purpose they are going to serve. They vary from Standard trampolines, Medium sized Trampolines, Average size Trampolines just to name a few.

Here are a few categories:-

  • Mini – Mini Trampolines are the best trampoline size when you want a trampoline that can be kept indoors. Also called the rebounder, trampette, jogging trampoline, or the exercise trampoline, they do not have a rebound ability as the recreational trampolines. Mini trampolines sizes are 36 inches, 40 inches, and 55 inches, and are the easiest to find in the market or big stores.
  • Small– Small size Trampolines are that Trampoline that has the same rebounding effect as the big trampolines, except they are kept outside. Most people believe that its design started with the idea of a bouncing bed. This made it famous and people thought it could serve other purposes with its convenient size. The common Small Size Trampolines are 5ft, 7ft, 8ft, and 10 ft in size.
  • Medium – Medium size trampolines is the standard trampoline size, it can fit in any occasion. First as a home trampoline for your kids or an exercise trampoline for a single adult. Most Medium size trampolines are range from 10ft to 12ft. in size.  They can accommodate two children comfortably, making it the average trampoline. The available ones are 10ft, 5*12ft, 10*7ft, and 12ft in size.
  • Large– Large-sized trampolines are the commercial, recreational activity based trampolines. They need a lot of space and require a certain type of skill in installing them. Large-sized trampolines come in sizes of 14ft and above. These include 14ft, 15ft, 16ft, and 17ft trampoline sizes, being the most ones bought and used. These are found in party packages, circus, or in a kid’s park.

Based on Shapes

  • Round – Round trampolines sizes are considered whenever you want a trampoline that is cheap, presentable and occurs lesser space. They come in different sizes. An 8ft *10 trampoline is bought when you do not have a lot of space in your backyard and is safe to accommodate only one child at a time. This is the small one

The 12ft Round Trampoline is the medium sized trampoline, it is large enough for 2people at a time and is mostly found outside stores or in home backyards.

The last ones the 14 *15ft and 16ft Round trampolines are handy when used by gymnasts, adults or when played with by multiple children at a go. They are the biggest circular trampolines sizes available in the market due to the larger bouncing space it gives.

  • Rectangular – Rectangular shaped trampolines come in handy with young gymnasts who are looking to better their gymnastic skills. For instance the 4ft, 6ft and 8ft trampolines are typically the smallest sized rectangular trampolines they are perfect when you have a small backyard and a low budget to work with.

    The 10ft and the 12ft rectangular trampolines can be occupied by two kids at a time. We also have the 14ft rectangular trampoline sizes which is best suited for serious, professional gymnasts and people who are looking for the extra bouncing space.

    The biggest among this category are the 10*15ft, 10*17,10*20ft and 10*23ft rectangular sized trampolines, they are the perfect trampolines for Olympics. They can accommodate multiple people and have large bouncing spaces. They are the largest rectangular sized trampoline found in the market.
  • Square– Square trampoline sizes offer the best type of trampoline sizes known for occupying even space. They are easily manageable and are considered safe in case you do not want your children to jump too high. In most cases, its springs are crisscrossed allowing them to create a harder bounce that does not send the bouncer high and they can be used by people of all ages. The 14 *14 and 12*12 ft. Square sized trampoline is the easiest to find in the market. The biggest square sized trampoline is 17 *17ft, these are used by adults and professionals.
  • Octagonal – the largest Octagonal trampoline sizes are 16ft, and are very expensive because of the fancy shape that makes them admirable in parties and recreational areas. They are mostly used by party planners and event organizers than homeowners for they occupy a larger space compared to the other trampolines.

Based on Functionality

Trampolines sizes are classified according to the purpose they serve. As we discussed earlier, Trampolines serve different functions.

First, they can be used for recreational purposes, these have to big enough to occupy a bigger number of persons than one than is at your back yard. We also have educative Trampolines, these are the ones used by professionals either to train themselves or train other gymnasts. These have to be big and wide, for security purposes and to avoid major injuries of the athlete’s. Let’s discuss how they are categorized:-

  • Indoor – Indoor Trampolines come with different sizes depending on their purpose. Trampolines used by kids are mostly smaller in size (4ft,6ft,8ft) and have very low heights. They are the perfect example of indoor trampolines. They can fit in a room perfectly or an indoor personal gymnasium.

    Medium-sized trampolines (12ft and 14ft), accommodate one, two or three kids maximally.

    On the other hand, there are Indoor trampolines that are big in size 14 ft. to 17 ft., one example of this is the ones in an Olympic training gymnasium and in gymnastic schools. Due to the activities done on them, they are required to have a wider space, thus they are large in size.

    Additionally, the trampoline sizes for Gymnasiums have to handle bigger weights than the ones at home.

  • Outdoor-  Outdoor Trampolines sizes differ as they are installed for different purposes. One of the best reasons is events. A Trampoline for a birthday party cannot be the same trampoline size as a trampoline that your kids play with it on a daily basis. They have to be big, and well installed by professionals to minimize on accidents that may occur. These trampolines are also categorized according to their functions, they may both be outdoors, but the trampoline sizes used by adults are different from the ones used by kids. An outdoor Trampoline that handles the weight of adults has to be made from stronger cords and has firm holding grounds than the ones for kids. Outdoor trampolines come in different sizes of 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 15ft, 16ft and 17ft.
  • Above Ground–  Apart from in-ground trampolines, all the other trampolines in existence are above ground.  Above ground trampolines are trampolines that stand on metal legs on top of the ground. Their legs are sometimes covered in decorated foams making them to children. Because of their elevation, Above Ground trampolines have more space for air to pass through the mat which increases their bounce capacity and their elasticity. They come in different sizes, 3ft, 4ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 12ft, 9*12ft, 10*17ft, 20ft and the biggest 23ft.
  • In-ground-  Inground Trampolines are those Trampolines whose bases are sunk into the ground for stability. From their physical look, most people tend to prefer them for they seem safer than the other trampolines.  Adding on its advantages, in-ground Trampolines are easier to maintain and are long-lasting. This is because the trampolines are not exposed to outside factors like the ones that are above ground. The small-sized in-ground trampolines are between 8ft and 10 ft in size, Medium-sized are 12ft to 14ft, while the large-sized Inground Trampolines are 14ft to 16 ft.
  • e) Spring less– Instead of the traditional steel coil spring in the trampolines, the spring less trampolines are built using glass-reinforced plastic rods. This design was invented by Dr. Keith Vivian Alexander of Canterbury University, in Christchurch, New Zealand. He got the idea while trying to improve the safety of the normal trampoline by re-engineering the springs, the steel frame and the ground obstructions.

    He became successful and managed to develop it. He came up with his first prototype utilizing glass-reinforced plastic rods. The first commercial version came into the market in the year 2004 and won the Springfree Trampoline Australian Design Award in the year 2009.

    Commonly found Springless trampolines are medium (8 *11ft) in size and Large size of 8*14 ft.
  • Water/ Inflatable– Water/Inflatable trampoline is a floating bouncing platform that is easy to assemble and provides hours of fun on a water surface. It can be used in lakes or rivers for shallow diving, sporting among other recreational activities. Most Water Trampolines handle 3 to 6 adults. They have a diameter of 3 feet when fully inflated and are easy to carry for all you have to do is deflate it, fold  it, then carry along. To add to the fun it brings, some of them are made with slides, making them more fun on water. They come in a variety of sizes. 10ft with a diameter of 8, 12ft with a diameter of 3, 13ft with a diameter of 7, 15ft and diameter of 15, 20ft diameter 14 and the largest Water Inflatable Trampoline of 25ft. and a diameter of 2.
  • Caged – We all love fun, but when the fun is safe. Kids enjoy the bouncing effects of a trampoline while the parents are busy holding their breaths, praying nothing goes wrong. Caged Trampolines came to keep the kids safe inside the cage surrounding the trampoline thus no unwanted falls. The caging is often made from a simple mesh or some other times a cloth netting, making it absolutely child friendly.

    The designers have gone the extra mile in coloring the trampolines, with the well-designed ones having a door that can be opened and closed, with favorable trampoline sizes, caged trampolines keep the children safely at bay all the time. Major sizes are 12ft, 14ft and 16ft sized caged trampolines.
  • Gymnastics – We are all aware that gymnastics is a sport that requires a lot of space to enhance movements of the gymnast. Considering this, any gym or gymnast will definitely look for a Trampoline that can handle the task and provide enough space. That’s where the Gymnastic Trampoline Sizes come in. They are mainly designed to minimize the number of accidents that may occur during gymnastic stunts and to ensure maximum safety of the gymnast. Mostly the types used are the rectangular trampolines and the round-shaped trampolines for they come in big sizes and occupy large spaces.
  • Olympic size – Same with the latter, Olympic Trampolines, has to be bigger than the normal Trampolines. First, because they are used by a high number of participants and mostly because the activities involved with it are of a professional level. Olympic Trampoline sizes have to be big and well installed with the safety precautions followed to the letter.

    The standard size of Olympic Trampolines as per the Federation of gymnastics is (5m *3m *1.15m) in size.
  • Portable – From the name itself, Portable Trampolines simply means they can be moved from one place to another. For a Trampoline to be portable, first it has to be of a manageable size/weight and packable.   These are the type of Trampolines that are used in parties and recreational events. They have the quality of reforming themselves after they are folded and carried to different places. The perfect example is the water inflatable trampoline, which is just deflated, transported then inflated at the destination area and starts working.

    The situation in a family setting is different since most people prefer their Portable trampolines to be small or mini in size of 12ft, for they are not cumbersome, unlike the larger ones.

Based on Objective

  • Backyard Recreation– The main objective is for family use, thus they are small or medium in sizes of 8ft and 10ft, depending on the size of the family. Although there are exceptions, like in a children’s retreat at home. There, you will have to buy a bigger trampoline that can accommodate 5 or more children with sizes from 14ft,16ft, 17ft and 20ft.

  • Exercise – Exercise like any other sport depends on the person doing it. The way we exercise varies from person to person. This said, if gymnastics is your form of exercising then you would definitely need a trampoline to serve that objective. That’s where the full size Exercise Trampolines come in and they are large in size (14ft to 17ft). All in all, trampoline sizes for exercises are mostly small or medium in size (8ft, 10ft and 12ft), unless the ones used in gymnasiums, which have to be big in size (14ft, 16ft, 17ft, 20ft and 23ft).
  • Adventurer games – Games is a sport played by more than one individual, whether kids or adults. Trampoline sizes used for adventure games have to be automatically large in size. The most used type are the rectangular and circular Trampolines.  Trampolines sizes available for games are 14ft, 16ft, 17ft, 20ft and 23ft in size. A good example of adventure trampoline are the water inflated trampolines used in water diving games and waterfall/rapid rides.

Based on Age

  • Kids and Toddlers
    From the invention of trampolines, they were meant to be used in games or recreational activities. Thus they are still considered as a kids activity object. When buying a trampoline size for kids, consider the age of the kids.

    Mostly Kid size Trampoline tend to be small, mini and medium (8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft), except for the ones used in amusement parks that have to accommodate more than ten kids. Those are large in size (14ft, 15ft, 16ft, 17ft, 20ft and 23ft).Kid Trampolines are designed with shapes and are colorful in order to attract children. Most of them are octagon shaped or house-shaped trampolines or round shaped trampolines and are made with shouting colors like red, pink, sky-blue and orange.
  • Adults
    Most adults get to use trampolines either when they play with their children, when exercising or when on a medical-related therapy. The exercise differs from personal where you train alone at the comfort of your house to professional where you are a gymnast and have to train for your career. These Trampoline sizes for adults are mostly bigger than those for kids. Mostly 14ft, 16ft, 17ft, and 20ft sized trampolines suit adults better, for they differ in the weight they can handle and the materials used in their making.

    The best trampolines for adults are circular and rectangular shaped and definitely not spring less.

Different Sizes of Trampolines from the Best Selling Brands

  • Skywalker
    Skywalker has prided itself in being among the most popular trampoline brands worldwide. If you are a customer who follows online reviews of items, then Skywalker Trampolines are the products for you. They have prided themselves in providing safety and quality consecutively.

    They if you are looking for a simple homey, classic trampoline, with the perfect size for your home or family events, Skywalker have you covered for sure.

    Their trampolines vary in size from 36 inch mini ones to the 17 feet ones, with others in between. These Trampolines are mostly rectangular which come in 12,14 and 15feet sizes and round & oval shaped which come in sizes of 8,10,12,14 foot.
  • Zupapa
    Zupapa Trampolines are a group of unique trampolines from Germany. They claim to bring ultimate joy to their customers both in quality and services. Most of the Zupapa Trampolines are made from steel and a UV resistant material for longevity. This among other features assures you of its high quality.

    They are safe and TUV approved, meaning you have the expert’s word on it. For extended customer satisfaction, when you buy them, they deliver with a safety enclosure, a rain cover, shoe bag and a ladder. They are cheap and thus preferred by most people.

    Zupapa Trampoline sizes vary from, small medium to yard size. The small on is 12ft, medium 14ft and the biggest is yard size.
  • Skybound
    Skybound Trampoline has made its name by the manufacture of strong, durable trampolines mostly used in heavyweight jumping and net enclosures. This has helped them in distinguishing their market from the rest of the trampoline manufacturers.

    With that said, most of the Skybound Trampolines are large in size of 14ft to 17ft, rectangular, circular, and a few octagon trampolines. But they also manufactured mini and small-sized Trampoline of about 7ft.
  • JumpSport
    Commercialized for the basic reason of being used by professionals, Jumpsport is known for making, large, professional usage, high-quality trampolines.

    Jumpstart Trampoline sizes are mostly big 17ft and circular or square in shape, and are used for both home and gym exercising.

    Famous for its Pro-quality, Jumpsport Trampolines are made to last longer and be tough than the other trampolines. Their mat firmness is made with 7settings to endure its longevity.
  • Acon
    Judging from its origin, Finland Europe, the country of fine touches, Acon Trampolines are assured for over the top quality levels. They come with a maker of thickness, fitting, and materials that cannot be challenged easily market-wise.

    They are long last and perfect for all types of activities.

    With a 1.2 think rubber-coated pad and an enclosure net, Acon Trampolines assures you of high safety standards more than anything else.

    Their sizes range from small, mini to large depending on your taste. On top of all these praises, Acon Trampolines offers a 5year warranty on frame and 1 year warranty on other parts of the trampoline.
  • Little Tikes
    From the name itself, Little Tikes Trampolines are the most children-friendly Trampolines sizes ever made. Its 3ft high makes it perfect for a toddler. Children of 3-6years are the most popular users of this Trampoline, for it fits their standards, with an average height of 34inches and a 26-inch handlebar for stability.

    It comes with a great energy burner and a large jumping surface area. The plastic and metal construction makes it more durable.

    Easily assembled and moved, it is the ultimate, carry around trampoline for most parents. And comes in small, mini and medium sizes (4ft,8ft,12ft and 14ft).

    All said and done, Little Tikes is the perfect indoor trampoline a mother could ever ask for her kids.
  • Sportspower
    Long before parents discovered that you can bring the trampoline fun to your back yard, everyone assumed that you have to go to an amusement park to play on a trampoline or a bouncing castle.
    This mentality was changed by Sportspower Company. They created child friendly trampolines that caught the eye and hearts of most parents. Let us discuss why:-
  1. Small measurements– they have the smallest trampolines with a diameter of eighty-four inches.
  2. Padded frames– the frame of their trampolines are padded with a colored foam making it safe and attractive to children.
  3. Safer – being closer to the ground Sportspower trampolines ensure the safety of the children from falling off in great heights. They are also enclosed with a 73.5 inch safety net curbed,which makes sure all the kids movements remain inside the net.
  4. Durability –Sportspower trampolines are made with outdoor endurancepower,which allows them to resist tear and wear during climate changes.
  • Bellicon
    Bearing the Gold Standard’s crown, Bellicon Trampolines are the best manufacturers of mini-sized trampolines between 8ft,10ft, and 12 ft. They are made with industrial-grade steel frames, patented polyamide connector hooks, UV- resistant and environmentally friendly polypropylene mats and a state of the art world-class bungee system.

    Bellicon Trampoline sizes are mostly mini, small, and medium for they dwell in the strategy of pleasing kids and adults. There are a few Large trampoline sizes (16ft,17ft, and 20ft) used by gymnasts.

    They are well made to suit both the fan and the safety of the children and adults. This has made the choice of Olympic athletes improving their speed and in senior citizens improving physical health.

    Medically, Bellicon Trampolines are designed to help people fighting osteoporosis and cardio-related cases, like heart disease and rheumatism.
  • Cellerciser
    Ever wished for a trampoline that you can carry around like your hand bag/luggage? Well, look no further for the Cellerciser trampoline is exactly what you are looking for.

    Designed with indoor friendly measures (4ft,8ft and 12ft), Cellerciser Trampolines sizes are mostly small and medium sizes. They have legs that are 8.5 ft. long and a width of 40 ft. ensuring that they can fit indoors very easily.

    They are made with triple-tiered hi-carbon springs mostly known as the tapered springs. This shows that the springs have three tension levels. It gives a bounce that

    Does not exceed 2 feet which is not too high and thus safe for indoor settings.

FAQs (Frequently asked Questions), are :-

We all have those unsaid questions that we need answers to about trampoline sizes, but are too afraid to ask. You want to buy something but simply because no one you know has it, or it might seem stupid to ask, you keep quiet and run to the shop blind to what you want or deserve. That’s why marketers have the FAQs section in their articles.

This section walks you through any of the details that you need to know about a product you are bound to own. Let us look at some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to Trampolines.

  • What is the best trampoline size for kids?

    When it comes to children, we can all agree that the first thing any parents would want to know is the safety of the Trampoline and the trampoline size. This means you have to consider a size that is less prone to accidents. Your answer is to go for the smaller and enclosed sizes. This is because their bouncing power is limited and the enclosure ensures the kids cannot fall off the Trampoline while playing.
  • What’s the best trampoline size to buy?

    When it comes to sizes, this depends on the space you have. If you have limited space, you will definitely go for the small size trampolines that occupy a small area. On the other hand if you have a whole football field as your backyard, you can buy a large sized trampoline.

    Age of the user is also a factor when it comes to owning a trampoline and the choice of a trampoline size. For instance, there is no way a toddler will use the same trampoline size as an Olympic professional gymnast.

    Generally, when it’s for kids go for the smaller sized trampolines and bigger sized trampolines if it’s to be used by adults. This is because of the weight the trampoline can accommodate and the number of persons it can handle at a go.
  • What is the standard size trampoline?

    The standard trampoline size is 12feet, if you go beyond it that will be too big, whereas if you go below it will be on the kid-size zone.  All in all, finding the perfect trampoline size is a hard task for it is a personal decision.

    You may wonder why? This is because there is a lot of factors that come in when you want to buy a trampoline. First is the budget, as much as you want to own the largest, highest quality trampoline in the market, if you don’t have the finances to back that up, all your desires will be in vain.
    Thus a Standard Trampoline is one that you can afford, maintain and accommodate all at the same time. This also is backed up by the fact that you will buy something that suits your need for the trampoline. Whether it’s for professional purposes or recreational purposes.
  • What Trampoline Size do I need?

    The size of the trampoline that you need is determined by what you need the trampoline for. Let us look at it this way, if you are a gymnast and you buy a small size trampoline that will be the worst decision of your life. First because you will not achieve the goal you want to achieve from the trampoline and two if you push your lack, you might incur a lot of injuries in the process.

    In general, in you need a trampoline for the kids, go for a small, mini or medium trampoline sizes. On the other hand, if you need it for professional purposes like the Olympic Games, you will go for the large-sized trampolines.
  • How do I know what size my trampoline is?

    When you reach the trampoline shop, don’t limit yourself from asking questions. Although most people don’t understand this, the customer care personnel are paid to help you make the best buying decisions. Ask them what size is the trampoline before you buy it.

    Furthermore, explain to them why you are buying the trampoline so that they will be able to guide you to the right trampoline that will suit your need. With all that said, you will definitely know the size of the trampoline that you are going to buy and if it will serve you right.

Trampolines have added the level of happiness in our homes. Unlike before when parents use to see family outings as expensive for they had to pay gate fees in amusement parks, these days you bring the fun in your back yard with an onetime payment and a forever fun. This has helped people since, there is no travels, no gate charges, and no extra cost of balloons, etc. the list is endless. All you have to do is set a family barbecue day and you can have all the fun you desire with no limitations.

Trampolines and Trampoline Sizes have changed our lives in one way or the other.  First, trampolines are a source of employment. From the companies that build them, which hire laborers to shops and marts selling them. Trampolines have also given entrepreneurs, business opportunities, not forgetting, recreational and amusement parks, where trampolines are a source of income.

Trampolines ownership has made party budget minimal, the cost of hiring a trampoline for each birthday celebrated is no longer an issue. Once you buy the first trampolines, you can use on all occasions for years with no extra cost. And that’s perfect budgeting.

All said and done, feel comfortable to pick the trampoline that suits you and your needs and go for it!

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