Best tree climbing helmets in 2020

Tree climbing is one of those recreational or professional practices that can be so fun until one may forget the risks involved in them. I mean think about it, what will happen if you fall off the tree? What if a branch you’re holding onto breaks off, what if you mistakenly climb a rotten tree and it ends up cracking down on your weight?

All these can lead to unexpected injuries from breaking of limbs, arms, neck to skull injuries, and head tremors. That’s why experts came up with a tree-climbing helmet to protect the climber’s head in case of an accident occurrence.

Helmets are head-shaped gears that are dressed on our heads to help protect from injuries of all sorts that occur in riding, climbing, or sporting events. We have biking helmets, engineering helmets, electrical helmets among many others, but today we are going to discuss how to find the best tree climbing helmets.


Best climbing helmets For Beginners

Best tree climbing helmets
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Beginners climb trees for fun and recreational purposes or while learning how to climb in their journey towards being tree climbing experts. Most of their helmets are tough to endure falls and landing on hard surfaces like stones. Examples include:-


  1. The Petzl Meteor–the new upgraded Petzl Meteor climbing helmet is the most beautiful and attractively designed helmet of its make that has becomes a must-have helmet for most tree climbers. Being a Certified of the CE for the ski touring helmet, it’s effective and well designed to suit a beginner climber.
Key featuresProsCons
·  It weighs 7.9 oz.

·  It comes in small and medium sizes.

·  It is CE certified for skiing.

·  It’s made with EPS foam for more comfortability.

·  It’s well vented for cooling effect for the climber.

·  It is cheap and affordable.

·  It designed in a streamlined way that’s effective for all types of climbs.

· It is certified for skiing

· It’s light and can be carried with ease.

· It’s attractive and beautifully designed.

· It has vents that ensure it cools your head as you climb.

· It’s affordable for most climbers.

· Its EPS makes it durable and convenient.

· It can be adjusted from the back make it easy to use and convenient to adjust.

· The EPS foam makes it fragile and can easily come off.



2. Mammut Wall Rider–when simple but efficient is your go-for helmet for tree climbing, the Mammut Wall Rider has got you covered. It’s simply designed and well vented to ensure you stay cool throughout your climbing act.

Key featuresProsCons
· It weighs 6.9 oz.

· It’s light and beautifully designed.

· It’s made with an EPP with a durable polycarbonate shell.

· It is available in small and medium sizes.

· It is vented for cooling purposes.

· It comes at an affordable cost of less than $200.00

· It has adjustable chinstraps.

· It comes in various colors.

·It’s well vented and will keep you cool.

·It has adjustable chinstraps that are easy and efficient to wear,

·It comes in various colors that will suit your taste.

·It’s light and easy to carry around.

· It’s made with EPP with a durable polycarbonate shell.

· It is designed to give full coverage and all-around protection for the climber.

·The straps can be adjusted from the back.

·Some find it expensive and hard to own.

·Its adjustment is hard to use.



3. Edelrid Shield II–the Edelrid shield is a beautiful, simple, well-designed sleek helmet that will good with anyone. It is made to have a feminine ponytail friendly make that’s effective for female climbers and it has vents that will keep you cooled down throughout your climbing.

Key featuresProsCons
·It’s cheap and affordable at $100.00

·It’s made with EPS with a durable polycarbonate shell.

·It weighs 8.7oz.

· It’s well designed to look classy but simple.

·It’s well vented to give a cooling effect.

·Its ponytail-friendly.


· It is durable and long-lasting

·It’s beautiful and made with a sleek design.

·It is well vented for a fresh cooling climb.

·It has dual straps for your chin that ensure you are fully protected.

· It is affordable for most climbers.

·Its ponytail friendly and favorable for females

·Weighing almost 9oz the Edelrid can be hard to carry around or heavy.



4. The Black Diamond Vapor – being the black diamonds premium for a while now, the Vapor is among the trusted helmets for beginners. Light, simply designed and attractively looking, it has caught the eye of many and given them exquisite services of protection.

Key featuresProsCons
· It is lightweight with 6.6oz

  • It comes in medium and small sizes.
  • It fits into big heads.
  • It’s comfortable with foam inside.
  • It’s made with EPS with a Polycarbonate shell for maximum protection.
  • It’s well vented for cooling effect and fresh air.
  • It is priced at $140.00
  • It is designed in a streamlined foam that’s perfect for sporting events.
  • Its ponytail-friendly.
  • It has chinstraps for maximum protection.
  • It’s light and easily portable.
  • It can fit in big heads comfortably without strain.
  • It is well vented to keep the climber fresh throughout their climb.
  • It is comfortable to wear because of its streamlined design.
  • It comes in favorable colors.
  • It has comfortable chinstraps that can be adjusted from the back.
  • It is ponytail friendly and favorable for females.
  • At $140.00, some find it expensive.
  • It’s fragile and cannot protect fully in case of a fall on a hard surface like an old rock.




5. The Kedera Climbing Helmet–the Kedera is one climbing helmet that you can buy in several colors to suit your dressing gear for every climb. Simply designed and come in various colors, it is among the best climbing helmets for beginner tree climbers.

Key featuresProsCons
  • It is well vented for fresh air for the climber.
  • It comes in various colors.
  • It has chinstraps for maximum hold on the head.
  • It is ponytail friendly.
  • It’s strong and durable.
  •  It has a versatile and attractive design.
  • It is cheap and affordable for the majority of climbers.


  • The vents in it allow the climber to have a fresh climb.
  •  It is ponytail friendly and loveable y females.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • It comes in a variety of colors to suit your taste.
  • It has a streamlined versatile design that’s attractive.
  • It is affordable for the majority of tree climbers.
  • The chinstraps are adjustable and efficient to use by any climber.


  • The durability is not guaranteed.


Best climbing helmets For intermediate trained climbers

Being an intermediate trained tree climber, you need a convenient helmet, light, and above all, easy to use and put on. Thus you need to be very careful when picking one for your climbing endures. Here are a few choices that will entice you.


  1. the Petzl Boreo Climbing Helmet–when remarkable features are your thing, this is the ultimate tree climbing helmet for you. It is well designed to suit your desire for personal protection and gives maximum helmet benefits that you may need. The Boreo climbing helmet is one tree climbing protective gear worth owning.
Key featuresProsCons
  • It is durable and satisfying.
  • It’s affordable for most climbers.
  • It has chinstraps for the maximum holding of the helmet.
  • It’s well vented and ensures to keep the climber cool throughout any given climate they are climbing in.


  • It’s durable and gives quality services.
  • It is affordable for most climbers of trees
  • It is convenient and good looking.
  • The chinstraps ensure the helmet wouldn’t fall off in case of an accident.


  • It’s heavy and can be hard to carry around.
  • It’s less adjustable than most helmets.



 2. The Petzl Sirocco helmet –the Sirocco helmet has proven itself in the world of tree climbing helmets, not only for being effective but affordable and good looking too. It’s durable and made with a traditional shape that’s lovable by most.


Key featuresProsCons
  • It is ultralight and easy to carry along with you.
  • It is comfortable and greatly designed
  • It has vents for cooling as you climb.
  • The straps have a magnetic buckle at the chin.
  • It has adjustable chin straps.


  • It’s light and easily portable.
  • It’s beautiful and attractive for most.
  • It’s comfortable to wear and fits perfectly on the head.
  •  It has vents that ensure you stay cool as you climb.
  • It has chinstraps for effective safety.


  • It’s expensive than its counterparts
  • The magnetic chin buckle can rust and refuse to work.




3. The Black Diamond Half Dome–as much as the convenience of use matters in a helmet, affordability does too. The Black Diamond is among the most affordable tree climbing helmets in the market today. Made with rear dials, it’s easily adjustable and perfect for the want to be professional tree climber.


Key featuresProsCons
  • Cheap and available at $65.00.
  • It is made with EPS with an ABS shell
  •  It has adjustable double chinstraps.
  •  It is vented on the top and sides.
  • It has a female version that is designed to be ponytail friendly.
  • It has EPP foam that offers enhanced protection and durability.
  • It’s stylish and attractive to look at.


  • It’s attractive and stylish both to wear and look at.
  • It’s cheap and affordable for everyone.
  • It contains adjustable chin straps that make it effectively fitting.
  • Its ponytail-friendly.
  • It is vented for cooling effects as you climb.
  • It is dependable and can be adjusted from the back.


  • Weighing 11.6oz, it’s pretty heavy and cumbersome to carry around.
  • Compared to others it’s less durable.



4. The MSA 10186483 Climbing helmet –the MSA is an affordable, well designed, and effective best tree climbing helmets used by professional want-to-be climbers. It is simply designed but that does not necessarily mean it does not serve its purpose. It gives maximum protection and is perfect for all-weather climbing.


Key featuresProsCons
  • It has a four-point chinstrap for maximum safety.·         It is designed in a streamlined way that’s perfect in case of an accident.
  • It gives all-round protection as it is well covered.
  • It is lightweight and easily portable.
  • It is cheap and affordable.


  • It is simply and attractively designed.
  • It is ponytail friendly and favorable for female climbers.
  • It is cheap and affordable for the majority of climbers.
  • It is lightweight and can be carried around easily.
  • It is fully covered and gives maximum protection.
  • The chinstraps are easy to adjust.
  • It gives guaranteed safety.
  • It is not vented and might feel sweaty and hot during a climb.
  • Its stock is limited and may not be readily available in the market.



Best climbing helmets For Arborists

  1. The Petzl Vertex Best Climbing Helmet PETZL-VERTEXB – the Petzl helmet is among the best tree climbing helmets for arborists because of its professional make and features. It has a perfect CenterFit adjustment that’s good for every head type and additional attachment points for ear defenders plus extremely strong straps.
Key featuresProsCons
  • Has ear defenders for maximum protection.
  • Has a CenterFit Adjustment
  • It has adjustable chin Straps
  • It’s well vented to give the climber a fresh- chilled climb.
  • It has a simple and streamlined design.
  • Fit perfectly and doesn’t move in the head
  • The chin straps are strong and hold perfectly and tightly.
  • The ear defenders ensure maximum all-round protection.
  • It is comfortable to wear for the majority of climbers.
  • Its streamlined design makes it efficient for all types of climbs.
  • It’s expensive for some climbers.


2. TheEdelrid Ultra-Lite Climbing Helmet–rating among the top three arborist climbing helmets, the Edelrid comes with executive features that will keep you safe throughout your professional tree climbing endeavors.


Key featuresProsCons
  • It is made from molten metal Splatter.
  • Has visors and ear protectors
  • It comes with a removable inner shield padding
  • It is made with tightening straps for enhanced safety.
  • The tightening straps make it safer than other helmets.
  • It contains ear protectors for the convenience of the arborist
  • The inner shield padding ensures you’re comfortable throughout your climbing
  • It’s more effective and secure than most helmets.
  • It’s light and easily portable


  • It may not be readily available in the market at all times.



3. The Edelrid Zodiac Tree Climbing Helmet– the Edelrid Zodiac climbing helmet is rated the best tree climbing helmet by arborists for it is lightweight and the ability not to be cumbersome while climbing in the worst of climates. Above all, it offers comfortability and advanced security that will ensure you’re safe throughout your climbing experience.


Key featuresProsCons
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • It’s impact resistant.
  • It’s made with fully adjustable straps for your chins.
  • The straps contain a lockable closure system for your convenience and comfortability.
  • It is well designed and stylish looking.
  • It contains a feature that keeps the arborists head cool at all times.



  • It is lightweight and easily portable
  • It’s easy and comfortable to wear.
  • It contains chin straps that ensure you’re fully secured
  • It’s stylish and attractive to wear.
  • Its ponytail friendly
  • It’s well vented for the enhancement of a fresh climb.


  • It has bad venting and may not feel as comfortable as its counterparts.


4. Tontron Sports Helmet – judging from its name, the Tontron sports helmet is a tree climbing helmet made with arborists and professionals in mind. Perfectly designed to safeguard the climber and with front to back adjustable chinstraps, it is among the best and loved tree climbing helmets of all time.

Key featuresProsCons
  • It is well vented.
  • It is foamed in the inside.
  • It has adjustable chinstraps.
  • It is ponytail friendly.
  • It is made with a high-impact shell for maximum protection and safety.
  • It is certified for meeting the EN12493 standards for safety.
  • It is long-lasting and durable.
  • It is efficient and can be used for all types of climbs effectively.


  • It gives guaranteed safety
  • It is well vented for fresh and cooled climb despite the climate.
  • It gives all-round protection and ensures maximum head-safety of the climber.
  • It is comfortable to put on.
  • It has adjustable chinstraps that are convenient for all climbs.
  • It can be used in protection in different climbs including rock climbing.
  • Its ponytail friendly and a favorite of female climbers.
  • The interior is not well padded.
  • Some find it expensive to own.
  • It may not fit in all types of heads as it comes in limited sizes.


5. The Petzl Picchu Helmet – when design, colorfulness, and effectiveness is what you’re looking for in a climbing helmet, then the Petzl Picchu Helmet has got you covered. Coming in peach and orange colors, well straps and ponytail friendly, it is perfect for the female tree climber.


Key featuresProsCons
  • It comes in different colors.
  • It is well vented.
  • It has adjustable chinstraps.
  • It is ponytail friendly.
  • It is feminine and good looking.
  • It’s padded on the inside for comfortable fitting.
  • It’s stylish and fashion-friendly.
  • Its light, weighing 310 grams, and easily portable.
  • It is of high quality and long-lasting.
  • It comes with a 3years guarantee.
  • It’s cheap and affordable.


  • It is stylish and fashionable.
  • It is feminine and a good helmet for females.
  • It is vented to give a fresh climb
  • It is ponytail friendly.
  • It comes in different colors.
  • It is padded for comfortable wearing and fitting.
  • It’s light and easily portable.
  • It’s affordable for most climbers.
  • It has adjustable chinstraps that are efficient and easy to adjust.
  • It gives all-round protection.
  • It’s made to be high quality and durable.
  • It comes with a 3years guarantee for ensured quality assurance.


  • It may not be readily available in the market at all times.


Things to consider while choosing a Helmet for Tree Climbing – Buying Guide

The last thing you want to do as a tree climber is to buy a helmet that will be more of an inconvenience than a convenient climbing helper and protector. To avoid all that, here are a few tips on the things to look out for when looking for a tree climbing helmet whether you’re a beginner, intermediate tree climbing learner, or an arborist.

  • Weight – tree climbing is an experience that requires you to be lightweight at all costs. Thus choose a climbing helmet that is light and will not wear you out as you climb, no matter the climate nor the location of the tree you are climbing.
  • Durability – it is not electronics only that need to be durable, helmets too. Thus go for a tree climbing helmet made from durable materials that wouldn’t keep you going back to the store and buying a new one frequently. This will help you save time and money and assure you of safe and quality service of the helmet
  • Headlamp clips– ensure the helmet you are buying has head clips that easy to use and above all simple to remove and put back on. This is to avoid the inconvenience that comes in case of an accident or abrupt removal of the helmet. It is also for your safety. Helmets without clips can be unreliable when it comes to safety.
  • Ponytail friendly– not everyone who loves tree climbing has short hair, thus look for a tree climbing helmet that is ponytail friendly that will allow you to hold your hair back and enjoy your climbing experience despite the length of your hair.
  • Chinstraps – not everyone knows this, but chinstraps were invented to keep the helmet attached to your head even when falling or not in an upright position. Thus, for safer climbing of trees, go for a helmet that has chin straps and can stay on your head and protect you even through an accidental fall.
  • Price– as much climbing helmets are a necessity, don’t go for the expensive ones simply because you think they are safer than their counterparts. No! The price of the helmet doesn’t define its protection abilities. Thus, go for a budget-manageable tree climbing helmet that will protect you without inconveniencing your financial status.
  • Protection– yes, that’s right, protection! Look for a helmet that offers all-round protection of your head both sideways and the top part of your skull. This will ensure maximum safety in case of unexpected occurrences or accidents.
  • Portability–it’s best to go for a climbing helmet that is cumbersome and heavy to carry around. Thus, it’s best to consider the portability of the helmet before acquiring one!



Conclusively, tree climbing is a fun and energy-giving exercise that will ensure you stay fit, motivated, energized, rejuvenated, and above all healthy at all times. It’s like the jackpot of sporting activities as it gives you wellness benefits both in health and fitness all at once.

However, now that you are aware of the risks involved in it, getting yourself a protector in the form of a good tree climbing helmet will ensure you stay safe, happy, and enjoy your tree climbing exercise free of worries. Nothing feels worse than a fun activity cut short because of an injury. Thus, it is best to stay protected and safeguarded in case of such occurrences. One way to ensure that is by wearing a helmet.

Therefore, maximize your tree climbing experience by getting yourself the best tree climbing helmet and stay safeguarded and worry-free while climbing.

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